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Add Videos, Photos and Sales Literature

  1. Attach Sales Literature , - Upload and attach up to six types of promotional & informative documents to your listing. Buyers can immediately download your media kits, catalogs, brochures, price lists, power point presentations or videos. You have 25 megabytes of available space.

  2. Portfolio Photo Gallery: You can upload up to twelve photos of the products you sell or the work you do. Upload photos of any size and smaller copies of that photo will be automatically created and placed on your listing as click able thumbnails for quick and easy viewing.

  3. Video - Embed your sales video or product demonstration directly into your listing. Potential customers quickly understand and categorize what it is that you do and how your products and services are a needed benefit..

  4. Social Media Connection: – Buyers can stay connected with your business by joining your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube page directly from your listing. You’ll never lose an interested customer.

Your Google Coded Web Page

Your listing is also indexed and ranked into Google's search engine database.

GOOGLE-Webpage: A static web page of your listing rest on our servers that is specifically coded and formatted according to Google's Search Engine Optimization Guidelines and contains all the necessary tags that Google requires to be properly cataloged into their database.

Your custom coded Google web page is ranked and indexed by Google making your products and services directly searchable by Google users. You not only get inquiries from users of the Vendor Directory but also from anyone who uses the Google search engine. This is almost everybody. 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

From a Google search box, Users will be able to Google you by business name Unknown Tag: 'Title' or contact name. Unknown Tag: 'Contact_Name' .

Connect With New Customers
Millions of people use Google each day, and many consumers or businesses are actively looking for the products and services you're selling. You search engine friendly Google Web Page puts you in front of consumers and businesses when they're searching for what you sell.

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